Saturday, January 01, 2005

Off and Away!

Well, it's been quite some time since I've interacted with the outside
world in any capacity - but that's all expected given that I've since
moved out of Edmonton and launched into a strange new direction. For
those of you not so in the know, Tiara and I are heading off to
Tunisia very shortly - she with the promise of microfinance work (see
her other blog for more info into what
that's all about), and me with the aim of following, supporting and
teaching English.

What that has meant, not surprisingly, is that our house full of stuff
was reduced down to a pair of suitcases each (and some stuff hiding in
storage with our parents); that we've been absolute stressballs for
the last month or two; that we became hermits even as we tried to say
all our good-byes; and that we're about to head off on adventure.
We're excited and apprehensive, and charging ahead
caution-to-the-wind, or something like that. Actually, there's been a
lot of caution happening, preparations seem endless, but probably less
than we aught to be doing. Oh well :-)

Wish us luck.