Monday, June 27, 2005

ten on the run

There has been very little talk of my artistic output on this blog for some time now, and with that in mind, here's where it currently stands.

I am set up in Tunisia and the artistic undertaking is well under way. I now know where to get my supplies, I now feel comfortable painting and expressing in my new home away from anything comfortable, and the paint is filling our walls.

For those who know me better, I'm more of a sculpture or drawing guy than anything else, but then, sculptures are cumbersome to lug from one continent to another, and drawings are somewhat averse to excessive travel (and Tiara was getting a little creeped out by the black and white faces that dominated our old walls). So to the acrylics I launched myself with delighted zeal.

Which doesn't mean that I have that many paintings up. Only four at the moment (though one's around three square metres large), but ten more are in the works...

The drawings are in and the paint is aching to feel fresh canvas.