Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hors Context

Well hey there all. Sorry, as Tiara might say, for the radio silence. As it happens, there are a few good reasons for it all...

First is that the inlaws have been visiting. Gaila and Aleatha are incredible women and wonderful to have around (just so that they know it :-) ) and yet, just the fact that there's someone else to think about in our world means that life's a little busier and the side parts... like writing to a blog... slip by unnoticed for too long.

Second is that we've had this other little project on the go for a while now, and it's high time that we let you in on our wacky little 'secret'. We have (not quite officially) launched an e-zine at and replete with all the (still existant but semi-under-control) growing pains that implies, it has been taking a little time and energy to maintain. Y'all are welcome to visit and check out the archived stories should you so wish. It's currently sitting at version 1.1 of many iterations, and so will likely change a little over the coming month, but only for the better. Go! Read our fanciful and slightly macabre fiction and let us know what you think of it :-)

And with that it's off to work I go. Overheated (the 8th dwarf), over and out.