Monday, July 18, 2005

cooking the in-laws

Today is a hot day in Tunis

Really hot. The temperature reads in at 41 C - in the shade - at four pm... The hottest part of the day is between noon and two in the afternoon... Heat in the sun is generally between four and eight degrees hotter than in the shade... The Tunisian weather services tend to underreport the heat - or so I've heard...

It's hot.

In related, though not very, news, Gaila and Aleatha - my mother and grandmother's-in-law respectively - are visiting. They got here on Thursday, after which they/we avoided the heat of the weekend in a scurry out to Tabarka (northern city by the sea). Now we're back. And they said this morning that it didn't seem all that hot...

That's up there with 'look at all those %$#^ing indians' or 'I wonder what'll happen to me if I fly a kite in a thunderstorm' or 'Let's march on Russia'... No one, if memory serves me, had the foresight to knock on wood.

Now it's hot. Like walking around with your own private hairdryer on 'hot' is how I heard it described.

Hot. Heat. We're cooking the in-laws out there.