Tuesday, September 13, 2005

back on track

Well, here's life as it slowly descends from insanity to... further insanity - but with respite in sight.

Too many hours devoted to all manner of things.
To Art - those precious few hours that are absolutely deserving
To Gym - power and mass lend a certain solidity to business as usual (and at the moment I'm a little shy of both)
To Music - as a release and as an outlet that's been missing for the better part of a year
To Work - Too much
To Tiara - probably not enough: just every spattering of ecstatic/fond/loving/intense moments throughout the day, and then our preciouse few hours of evening
To other endeavours - what little's left over. It ain't much.

Lucky me, however, my beastly 4-hour class is over tomorrow. The good news is fewer hours in class. The bad news is fewer hours in class - hit's the pocket-book, you know?

But for today life is intense and onwards. So. Here goes. And see you all soon!